Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In Defense of Michael Richards

I know I'm not going to be making any friends by posting this, however I think it should be said. I watched Michael Richards fumbling apology on Letterman (well, on youtube) and I wished he had the balls to give an explanation for what he said instead of a weak apology and a bunch of "I don't know why I said that"

I know why he said that, and it isn't because he's racist.

Hear me out. It's about knowing your audience. At that point, the audience he was addressing was the two black people disrupting his show. I bet he got pretty mad... mad enough to want to strike back at these two people.

And he did... he used what he knew to be the most powerful thing you can say to most black people.

It like their kryptonite.

Its like calling your wife fat.

Just because you say that doesn't mean you think all women are fat, or that you hate women... it's the thing you know will hurt them the most.

If a black person hurt me so bad I lose control and I want to hurt them back, I might pull the N word too... not because I'm racist, but because I know how sensitive they are to it.

Its not hatred of the race, just hatred of the one person of that race. (or two)

If Michael Richards had tried to give a similar explanation, he would have gotten booed off the show. He crossed the line, he said the most offensive thing he could have said, and said it with malicious intent. He was wrong.

But I don't believe its proof that he is racist... just that he knew how to push their buttons.

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